Interested Applicants

5Rivers Foundation created the 5Rivers Scholarship Program to provide financial assistance in the form of scholarship grants to students of the Sikh religion who are attending or planning to enroll in undergraduate or graduate college, university in the US (the "5Rivers Scholarship Program").

The Foundation does not have any plans to make educational loans at this time.

5Rivers Scholarship Program
An applicant must be a believer of the Sikh religion, a U.S. citizen or person that has the requisite legal status for living in or attending school in the U.S.
An applicant must be attending or planning to attend a U.S. college or university on a part-time or full-time basis
A minimum GPA of 2.5 must be maintained
Awarded grants range from $2,000.00 - $5,000.00
Grants are paid directly to the educational institutions and will require such institutions to return those funds, if a scholarship recipient fails to enroll or drops out of the institution's program
Total annual family income may not exceed $75,000.00
Children bathing in a tubewell
Children bathing in a tubewell
Children playing kanche (marbles)
Children playing kanche (marbles)